"The Listco Bonds will be an important extension of our licensed equity crowdfunding and crowdlending platform as listed companies can reach out to our pool of AIs, some whom seek higher yields. As the Listco Bonds will be issued by listed companies, they will offer more security compared to startups"

Helping SGX Listed Companies Issue Bonds


Mr. Michael Tee

FundedHere CEO 

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What People Say

“Many smaller listed companies in Singapore face challenges in secondary fundraising. Liquidity is a major issue. Another is that the low share prices currently make it unattractive to issue new shares. By being able to issue short-term bonds through crowdfunding, we can access a new source of funds without diluting existing shareholders. This will be viewed positively by many of my peers.”

MR. JOSEPH FOO CEO of Jason Marine Group Limited (SGX:5PF)

“For smaller listed companies raising less sizeable sums from the capital market, the legal and professional costs can take up a significant component of the funds raised. FundedHere provides a trusted platform that facilitates issuance of bonds of up to S$5.0 million at a reasonable cost through a well-managed process for both investors and issuers. This can be a viable option for fundraising.”

MR. JEFFREY PANG CEO of Loyz Energy Limited (SGX:594)

“In the lackluster market today, smaller listed companies will likely find FundedHere’s proposed fundraising option to be very attractive. I believe a coupon rate of 9%, paid on a quarterly basis, will meet the interests of both investors and listed companies.”

MR. SIMON ENG Chairman of Metech International Limited (SGX:QG1)

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